Mainland Uniforms is the largest Christchurch based school uniform supplier, supplying over 100 schools across New Zealand. With over 30 years of experience and our extensive knowledge across this industry, our aim is to provide our children with school uniform made from premium fabrics that offer quality, comfort, and affordability. 

Mainland Uniforms have three locations, Wairakei Road, Ilam, and City Stores, all open from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 10am-1pm, including school holidays, where our friendly and fully trained staff can help with the correct fitting of your child’s uniform. Our online shop,, operates 24/7 with free delivery over $50.00 purchase. We offer special ‘made to measure’ service options, WINZ quotes, with City Mission or other Charity Organization vouchers also accepted.

Apart from retail shops, Mainland Uniforms also design, manufacture, and wholesale garments to schools and other retail shops in Christchurch and around New Zealand. We have strict standards and procedures for fabric and garment quality and deal with many qualified factories all over the world to design and manufacture different fabric compositions, weights, colours, checks, and tartans. This makes us more capable of designing and manufacturing uniforms that meet the unique requirements of individual schools.

In recent years Mainland Uniforms have successfully helped new schools, such as West Rolleston School, Waitaha School, and Knights Stream School to design and implement an entire range of school uniforms which truly reflects their particular school identity as well as proven popular among the wider community. We have also assisted schools, like Cotswold School, Emmanuel School, Aidanfield School, Hurunui College, Amuri Area School, Governor’s Bay School, St Teresa’s School, and others, to review their uniform and recreate a more modern design whilst maintaining comfort, durability, and quality in their uniform range.

Mainland Uniforms, as a Christchurch locally owned and operated business, appreciates all the loyal support from our customers and local schools over the past 30 years and look forward to building on these existing partnerships.  We will continue to offer our knowledge, commitment, and expertise in this area to ensure all children feel the great sense of pride, unity, and respect derived from wearing their School Uniform.

Mainland Uniforms are always here to help every child, every family, and every school.

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